ONLINE 12 Step Meetings: Around the World / Around the Clock

Online meetings? Never thought much about ’em myself. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I, like millions of others around the world, decided to self-quarantine. I just moved to a very rural town in Iowa, so that shouldn’t be so hard.

Well, one thing about rural living is there aren’t a whole lot of meetings to go to in the first place, and now with the pandemic – I have to stay home. This paradigm shift isn’t just happening to me; it’s taking place all over the world. A lot of meetings were already online, already on ZOOM – (My Favorite).-

The links below should stay updated pretty well going forward, they are AA maintained Intergroup documents as we see firsthand this technological turning point of the recovery community.

Below are AA Intergroup maintained listings of online meetings:

Click this link for a directory of online AA Meetings:

Omaha Area Online Meetings:

7th Tradition – PayPal – Click Here:

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