Cyber Recovery and Online AA Meetings

It is good to know that there are a lot of online meetings to attend, but it can be hard to find the where and when for all this action. They are out there though, and it’s a great way to keep recovery as a priority during this Corna Virus Pandemic.

I have been to a number of these online meetings that use the Zoom conferencing platform and had great results. Just a couple of days in, I am connecting with lots of new people and attending more meetings than ever!

This pandemic has brought with it a paradigm shift and radical changes to our behavior and perspective; we can get things done without jumping in our cars or venturing outside of the house. I have met lots of people in these online meetings and many would never have imagined that teleconferencing would become a big part of their daily routine.

For me it’s perfect, I live in a rural community that has very few meetings in the first place, so it’s great to have meetings around the world delivered to my doorstep. While my hope is that this online component of our meetings will continue after we have overcome this Virus, I am just grateful that so many online meetings are available today! Below are links to some AA Intergroup Online Meeting Lists; more will be added as I find them on this road to happy destiny!

Some basic ground rules are:

  1. Mute your microphone – The larger the meeting, the more important this becomes. With your microphone open, some of the audio goes back into the system and disrupts the data stream.
  2. Be aware that the meeting moderator can mute and unmute your microphone. There is a popup widow that warns and gets your approval before opening the mic.
  3. You can turn your camera on and off, If you leave the meeting for a moment, you can turn the camera off and display a photo of your choice or your name.

The road to Happy Destiny has been moved to the Information Superhighway. It works!

Online AA Meeting lists from Intergroup:

7th Tradition Giving

Omaha Area Online Meetings day & time (Central Standard Time)

Seattle area Online Meetings:

AA Online Intergroup Meeting List:

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