Online Recovery Meetings are Saving Lives in Covid Crisis

Everyone has problems in the Covid-19 Crisis, Lord knows. Isolation, anxiety and other factors are now one’s daily fare, like it or not. The insanity of addiction thrives in these conditions making this crisis a threat to the lives of many of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and others who suffer addiction in it’s many forms.

At any other time in history, this social distancing and isolation would have meant the worst for those of us who are in recovery. Physical meetings, a core element of 12 step recovery have been closed. By the grace of God the time is right for online meeting technology like Zoom Meetings. Sites such as can have you in a meeting in 2 mouse clicks 24 hours a day.

This crisis offers one an opportunity to look at spiritual matters in their proper perspective and these online 12 Step Meetings are rising to the occasion!

It is important to remember too, those who have been “orphaned” in the midst of treatment and who may be struggling. Attending these meetings is a great way to be there for the newcomer!

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